SEN and Disabilities

front of the school

We promote high achievement for all and encourage all children to achieve their full potential. We are an inclusive school and promote equality for all. We are proud of the relationships we develop with each individual child that enable us to identify any needs as soon as they arise, and to address them. We offer extra support for children with special educational needs and enrichment and challenge for those children who are gifted and talented.

Different levels of support can be provided depending on the needs of the child. Most children will normally be catered for through the usual differentiation of the class work provided by the teacher. However, some children may have a more specific difficulty that would need to be addressed through a specific intervention programme carried out for a specific purpose for a short period of time.

If the learning difficulty is more general, then the class teacher will plan a programme of extra work for the child that may involve extra adult support. This will be discussed with parents and reviewed regularly through an Individual Education Plan. If we feel unable to provide adequately for the specific needs of the child, then we may involve other agencies for specific support eg speech therapy, educational psychology, behaviour support.

If parents have any concerns, questions or information about their child, then it is vital this information is shared with school staff. We aim to work in close partnership with parents to ensure we meet the needs of all children.

Head of School – Luke Owen
Additional Needs Team - Additional Needs TA - Claire Jarrett and Head of School - Luke Owen
SEN Governor – Sarah Perrett

Marshwood C.E. Primary Academy SEND Local Offer 

The new Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice sets out the principle of a more individualised and better graduated response to support children and young people with SEN and disabilities. We are required by the DfE to set out our "Local Offer".

Accessibility Plan

What should I do if I think my child has Special Educational Needs?

Speak to your child’s class teacher

During this meeting you will review progress over a period of time and look at latest assessment results. If the class teacher feels it is necessary, they will pass information on to the SENCO and a plan of action will be decided.

What will the SENCO do?

The SENCO may arrange to meet with you to discuss your concerns and a plan of action. Your may will be placed on the Special Needs Register or receive some intervention work.

What will the school do next?

How will we know what my child’s needs are?

Interventions and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may immediately be put together or advice/assessment may be requested by an outside agency. If this is the case, you will receive correspondence directly from other professionals e.g. paediatrician.

Teachers and the SENCo will use both formal and informal assessments of your child (observations, monitoring data and pupil progress every half term). You may be asked to contribute your own observations. The school may ask for classroom observations from other professionals such as the educational psychologist or SALT.

What support will my child have in school?

Any support and interventions will be included in an IEP. This is devised between the SENCo, teachers, SEN TA. Your child will be included on the school’s SEN register. The old codes of support (action and action plus) have been replaced with ‘SEN Support’. An IEP is sent to you for your information and also for you to follow up interventions at home. Information gained from conversations with you is included within the IEP and is incredibly valuable. Older children are invited to contribute towards the development of their IEP.

Who will support my child and what does this look like?

We use a range of different strategies to help your child achieve their target/s. Additional support is known as ‘intervention’ and could include teaching assistant support class in a small group or 1:1 support with the SEN TA.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Class Teacher is the first point of contact should you wish to raise a concern about your child. It is the Class Teacher’s responsibility to plan for teaching and learning and to make judgements based on your child’s progress.
  • The SENCo will monitor the progress of all the children on the SEN register and will monitor the effectiveness of intervention for children throughout the school. The SENCo will review IEPs, set up meetings and refer children to outside agencies.
  • There is a trained Teaching Assistants that work across the school, and they support your child on a daily basis with teaching and learning.
  • At Marshwood the the SENCo works closely with the head of school, and leads the half-termly pupil progress meetings and ensures that provision and support is available for children with SEN.
  • The Midday Supervisors support the personal, social and emotional needs of your child during lunchtime and at lunchtime play. There is communication between teaching staff and Midday Supervisors which ensures that children are closely monitored during lunchtime and information is passed on if necessary.

Other agencies roles and responsibilities

  • From time to time, the SENCo may request further support from other agencies including: Speech and Language Therapists (SALT), Specialist teachers, Educational Psychologists (EP), Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists (OT), Paediatricians, and Specialist Nurses. Their role is to provide more in depth information to support the SENCO with all aspects of SEND.
  • The EP will meet with parents and teachers to discuss concerns. During planning meetings, the EP and the SENCo discuss concerns. The EP will talk to teaching staff and visit the classroom to observe, assess and assist in setting targets (if necessary).
  • A specialist teacher may be needed to assess your child’s learning needs in school. They may teach your child in a small group or through precision teaching. They also support the SENCo with target setting (if necessary).
  • A Speech and Language Therapist may visit the school to see your child or see you both in clinic to carry out an assessment of speech difficulties and language acquisition
  • Paediatrician/School Nurse are specialists in the development of children. They are able to provide support and advice to you and school. This may include specialist advice and support for medical needs such as Diabetes.
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are based in community locations and is a multi-disciplinary team. Waiting times for counselling can be lengthy.
  • The Early Intervention Service works alongside children and young people with disabilities and their families
  • The governing body at Marshwood has a named governor whose responsibility it is to oversee the provision for SEN.
  • All staff supporting children with SEN have appropriate qualifications; they also attend training when available.

How will the school support my child’s emotional, health and well-being needs?

At Marshwood we are proud of the relationships that are built up between the children and all staff to support children’s social and emotional needs. We work closely together to provide support for children such as:

  • During playtimes we are proud of our older children who are always prepared and on hand to support younger children.
  • Any incidents are communicated to the relevant member of staff and if necessary (dependent on severity) recorded in the behaviour, bullying or racism log.
  • All child protection issues are reported to the available safeguarding officers (Headteacher, Mr. Owen and SENCo Claire Pooley).
  • A clear behaviour policy which is adhered to by all staff (Please refer to copy on school website).
  • Difficulties surrounding your child’s behaviour is a symptom of something else and can be linked to emotional upset or medical issues. The class teacher may also organise a home/school link book, enabling the school and you to contribute comments; this two way process has proved to be highly effective, particularly if a child’s behaviour is challenging either at school or home, or in both settings. Your child may be observed in the classroom by the SENCo or the behaviour support service if deemed helpful in understanding the nature of the difficulty
  • Targets to help your child with self-regulation will be put into place to support your child with coping strategies (parents and older pupils are involved in this process). All staff in contact with the child will have an understanding of the process.
  • We take every possible step to avoid an exclusion. However, if it is felt that your child’s behaviour may cause harm to themselves or others then you will be informed and asked to collect your child from school.
  • As part of our commitment towards supporting children’s social and emotional well-being, we monitor children’s attendance at school. If concerns arise regarding your child’s attendance, you will be notified by the Head of school. If attendance does not improve, the Early Intervention Service become involved, which may lead to further action.
  • If your child has medical needs then please ensure that the information is passed on to the office. Please contact the school office if your child requires medication as you will need to give us the details of the medicine and sign a consent form. If required a ‘care plan’ can be put in to place for serious illnesses.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

If your child has SEN then they will need support that is ‘additional to and different from’ other children. In addition to high quality teaching, their teacher/s will plan a range of appropriate strategies to support the child’s learning. These are listed below:

  • A differentiated curriculum ensures that all children in the class have their learning needs met. The class teacher will plan activities for your child to work in a small group to meet their learning objective.
  • If appropriate, your child may have sessions on a 1:1 basis with the SEN TA or a specialist teacher.
  • The SENCo or class teacher may develop visual timetables/prompts to help your child develop greater independence. This also helps children to understand the school routine, particularly those who may be on the Autistic Spectrum.
  • Your child may need to use ICT programs on iPAds and computers, and other forms of technology to support their participation in lessons.
  • We plan interventions to enable children to meet their targets (Wave 3 Maths, Structured Spelling Programme, Manga High Maths)
  • As a school, we use topic based learning which ensures that children develop skills through first hand purposeful learning opportunities. Our curriculum has been planned to inspire pupils, enabling them to make links in their learning.

What opportunities will there be to discuss my child’s attainment and achievement?

How will I know how well my child is progressing?

Progress is reviewed by the SENCo at suitable times during the year with teachers, the SEN TA, parents and older children. If progress continues to be a concern we will set new targets. If your child has made sufficient progress, and attainment has improved they may be removed from the SEN register. On occasion, further assessments from other professionals are needed and Education, Care and Health Plan may be necessary (used to be called ‘statements’).

  • You will be invited to Parents’ consultation meetings three times a year. You will be able to meet with the SENCo as well as teachers. However, we have an open door policy to ensure good communication between parents and staff.
  • You will receive regular feedback outlining your childs progress, againt National Curriculum (NC) objects and their own Individual Education Plan (IEP) targets. 
  • You will be invited to any meetings with outside agencies, together with the SENCO. 

How does the school know how well my child is doing?

At Marshwood, we assess children’s learning on a regular basis using a range of formative and summative assessment. This information is updated onto the Educater progress on a termly basis, and discussed with the head of school. Robust monitoring and tracking enables us to identify children who are not making expected progress. We measure children against age related expectations and Early Learning Goals through the Educater - Tiny Tracker Baseline Assessment.

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

First hand experiences are a key feature of learning in our school. We frequently use educational and residential trips to enhance learning opportunities. We will always include your child on a visit and will ensure that any specific needs are taken into account in our risk assessment.

How accessible is the school environment?

The school building has been identified as not fully meeting DDA requirements because of its age, structure and organisation. Therefore the school may not be able to accept some children with physical disabilities.

How will the school prepare and support my child to join school?

At Marshwood we ensure that your child is fully prepared to join our school through a careful, well thought transition plan. We have strong links with feeder pre-schools, Woodroffe School and our partner Acorn MAT school . To ensure a smooth transition we will:

  • Visit your child at pre-school and ensure that we speak to your child’s keyworker/SENCo to gain as much information as possible to support the transition, and arrange a further information sharing meeting if required.
  • Use paperwork sent from preschools such as your child’s learning journeys and any medical/SEN information.
  • Arrange a meeting for new parents during the summer term before your child starts school. This is an opportunity for you to find out about our school in greater depth and to meet the class teacher/s.
  • Provide taster sessions for pre-school children. These take place from the Summer term and allow your child to familiarise themselves with the school, children, routines and staff.
  • Provide a transition morning in the Summer term. These are opportunities for your child to meet their new class teacher/s and teaching assistant. 

How will the school prepare and support my child to transfer to a new school or secondary school?

We work hard to ensure transition to a new school is as seamless as possible. Transition to a new school is often a worrying time and even more so if your child has SEN. We will do our best to ensure that:

  • Your child is offered extra transition opportunities (should this be required).
  • We liaise with the SENCo of the secondary school to share information. The Marshwood SENCo will also meet with you and the SENCo of the secondary school if necessary, to discuss issues surrounding transition.

How will I be involved in supporting my child?

At Marshwood, we recognise the valuable role parents play in supporting their child’s learning. There are many different ways parent can support their children such as:

  • Attending meetings, particularly parent consultations.
  • Ensuring children complete homework/reading tasks to support their learning.
  • Attending achievers assemblies and school events to celebrate your child’s learning.
  • Keeping us up to date of any changes or information you feel that is necessary to pass on to the class teacher/SENCO.

How can I access support for myself and my family?

Some useful organisations/contacts include:



We are currently closed with available staff redeployed within our link schools. Please email

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RE Word Processing and IT

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Pilsdon Pen have been honing there IT skills while word processing in RE. In doing so they have been discovering different shortcuts they can use on the keyboard and also exploring more effective ways...

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The Rt Hon Sire Oliver Letwin MP Visits Years 5 and 6.

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Year 5 and 6 welcomed the Rt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin, M.P. to their school on Friday.  The children had written to Sir Oliver regarding children's rights around the world. Sir Oliver answered their...

Huishwoods Residential

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A super frst day at Huishwoods for Lamberts Class. Everyone loved the zip lining and lazer quasing in the glorious sunshine this afternoon. Dinner was delicious as usual, with Miss Jarrett and Mr Owen...

Olympic Sailing Academy Visit

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Year 6 children from both Thorncombe St Mary's and Marshwood CE Primary Academy joined forces for an inspirational day of sailing at Portland's Olympic Sailing facility. There they got to enjoy the th...

Year 5 Colyton Maths Enrichment

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Able Year 5 mathematicians from Marshwood CE Primary Academy  and Thorncombe St Mary’s have begun to enjoy a series of mathematical challenges with Mrs Hudson from Colyton Grammar School....

Half Term Activities At The Thelma Hulbert Gallery In Honiton

17 May 2019

The beautiful Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton is hosting a range of activities/events obver teh May half-term. To find out more click on the attached documnet.  THG - Half Term Activities

Summer Reading Challenge 2019 - Space Chase

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Last year over 8000 Dorset children aged 4-12 years participated in the Summer Reading Challenge – the national Reading Challenge run annually by libraries and The Reading Agency.   Th...

Good Luck Year 6

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All the very best to our amazing Year 6 children who are undertaking their end of KS2 SATS examinations this week. As I said on Friday you have done all you can do, so just try your very best and stay...

Mental Health Awareness Week

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Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place this week (13-19 May 2019). The theme this year is Body Image and how we think and feel about our bodies. #BeBodyKind...

Reading Treasure Chests

10 May 2019

We are very grateful to our PFA for funding the purchase of a treasure trove of must read books in each of our classes. These books consist of a range of genre and have been placed in special treasure...

Marshwood Mini Marathon In Aid Of The NSPCC

26 Apr 2019

Congratulations to all our children who took part in our mini marathon today in aid of the NSPCC. The sponsored run was organised by Mrs Strawbridge ahead of her running the London Marathon this weeke...

NSPCC Sponsored Run

05 Apr 2019

Please find attached details of our sponsored run in aid of the NSPCC. It will be taking place on Friday 26th April, two days before our Marshwood Marathon Mums tackle the London Matahon. 

Wessex FM - School Of The Week

05 Apr 2019

A big thank you to Isabelle, Alice, Emma, Hannah, James, Alex, Oliver and Maru-Jane who were interviewed by Carl Ashwin from the Wessex FM In The Morning show, for the school of the week feature.&nbsp...

KS2 SATS Revision

05 Apr 2019

I know Ms Pooley has given Year 6 some SATS revision to complete over teh Easter Holidays. However, more practice materials can be found via the links below. SATS REVISION Top 10 SATS Resources For...

Release the Newts!

05 Apr 2019

A big thank you to Mrs Hoskins, plus Mrs and Mrs Pollard who kindly delivered some new newts, diving beatles and dragon fly larvae to us today. With the help of Lamberts class the new arrivals were ca...

Easter Service

04 Apr 2019

It was lovely to see St. Mary's Church packed today for our Easter Service. The congreation were treated to some beautiful singing, with our talented musicians providing the music for the hymns. KS2 c...

MFL - Sampling French Cuisine

03 Apr 2019

The children in KS2 have enjoyed sampling a range of French cuisine today in their MFL lesson. This afternoon the classroom was transformed into a French Supermarche, with saucisson, pain au chocolate...

Final Royal Institution Maths Masterclass

28 Mar 2019

Able mathematicians from across our link schools came together at Axminster Primary Academy today for their sixth and final RI Maths Masterclass. The masterclass series started back in September, with...

Celebration Peace Worship

22 Mar 2019

In our celebration worship today our children and families played a game of 'Blankaty-Blank' together to help understand our half-term Christian Vlaue of Peace. When  given the phrase 'Peace_____...

Forest School Cooking - Wild Garlic Flatbreads

21 Mar 2019

Lamberts Class enjoyed a super forest school session in the woods today. Using the resources arround them they picked wild garlic and used it to make delicious garlic flat breads. A great choice this...

ACORN MAT Year 5/6 Football Tournament

13 Mar 2019

Congratulations to our Year 5/6 football team who finished a credible fourth in the latest ACORN MAT sports competition, which was hosted by St. Andrew's Chardstock. A special mention must go to Finn...

Dorset Schools STEM day - AEUK Maritime Mission

08 Mar 2019

Good luck to our talented young scientists attending the STEM Science Day today, along with pupils from 19 other schools from across Dorset. The event is part of UC Science Week and is being hosted by...

Wildlife Wonder Photography

07 Mar 2019

Having worked with international wildlife photographer Iain Green in the Autumn Term I am delighted to say that the images taken by the children have finally arrived. The remit of the Wildlife Wonder...

Year 5 Chain Sentences - Playing With Words.

06 Mar 2019

Year 5 have had great fun this morning creating their own chain sentences. These sentences are very special, as the next word in teh sentence must start with the last letter of the previous word. Your...

Bikability Part 2

05 Mar 2019

Congratulations to all our Year 6 cyclists who successfully passed their Level 2 Bikability training this week. A great achievement and we hope to see more of you out and about on your bikes now!

Bikability Part 1.

01 Mar 2019

Our Year 6 cyclists are currently undertaking their Level 1 Bikability training at Thorncombe school. The course is being funded using our PE Premium Grant and will hopefully give the children the con...

Book Cafe

27 Feb 2019

A big thank you to Mrs Jevons and Mrs Morgan for hosting a book cafe this week. The cafe was very busy over lunch, with children enjoying a range of books and sharing stories with eachother. 

Book Week 2019

25 Feb 2019

The children will be immersing themselves in books all week, as we celebrate our annual book week. There will be a range of activities, with this year focus on vocabulary, with the children...

Wildlife Information Boards

15 Feb 2019

Some of our Reception children have already been busy seeing if they can spot any of the local wildlife depicted on our stunning new wildlife identification boards. Purchased with the support of our P...

Parabolic Maths Investigation

14 Feb 2019

Our able Year 6 Mathematicians came over to Marshwood this week for the fifth installment of their Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses. As it was Velentines Day the group had to use their mathematic...

Marshwood Marathon Mums

13 Feb 2019

We are super proud of Coneys Class tecaher Mrs Strawbridge and Whitchurch Pre-School Leader Marie Winnett who have not let the recent snow stop them training for this years Virgin London Marathon&nbsp...

Marshwood Snow

01 Feb 2019

A lovely shot of Coneys Class enjoying some early morning snow yesterday. 

St. Barnabas School, Kinyamaseke, Uganda link

25 Jan 2019

As part of their work on continents and Africa, Coneys Class were visited by Rev Richard Rukundo and Rosie Giles from the Children's Ministry for the Church of Uganda. The visit reminded them about th...

How To Make Your Own Compass.

18 Jan 2019

Toda Coneys Class learned how to make a compass. To do this you need to rub a needle against a magnet approximately 50 times in the same direction to magnetize the needle. next, place the needle on or...

Community Land Trust High Vis Presentation

18 Jan 2019

A big thank you to the Marshwood community Land Trust (CLT) who joined us in the church this week to presnt all of the children with a high-vis vest. The vests were gratefully received and will be wor...

Minecraft Coding - ICT

11 Jan 2019

In ICT this half term Lamberts Class will be working with our ICT specialist Mr. Harris and developing their coding skills using Minecraft. In doing so, they have to use their programming skills to wo...

Carols By Candlelight 2018

21 Dec 2018

St. Mary's Church was packed and beautifully illuminated for our annual carols by candlelight concert. Several children played guitar and violin, as the local community joined our KS2 choir for a beau...

Mr. Owen's 2018 Royal Society Statistics Quiz

21 Dec 2018

Mr. Owen has taken the Royal Statistical Society's top facts of 2018 and mixed them all up. Can you do better than Pilsdon Pen and correctly match the facts to the statatistic? 

Christmas Dinner 2018

21 Dec 2018

A big thank you to our PFA who funded and served our fabulous christmas meal. The food was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by the children, governors and staff.

It's A Party Christmas Nativity

20 Dec 2018

The children once again excelled themselves, as they put on a stunning Nativity performance of 'It's a Party!' this year. A packed church was treated to some super acting, singing and dancing. Merry C...

Marshwood Christmas Banners

17 Dec 2018

It was lovely to see teh children's Christmas banners on display in the church this week for our festive celebrations. Hopefully they will become a permenant fixture in the church, as everyone visitin...

Super Science Carousel

14 Dec 2018

Pilsdon Pen enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of Scientific invetigation, as they explored which materials male the best insulators. After coming up with their hypotheses they carefully recorded the tempe...

The Post Office is coming to Marshwood Church!

30 Nov 2018

The POST OFFICE is coming to Marshwood Church! Every Tuesday between 1.30 – 3.30pm starting 4th, 11th & 18th Dec. Restart 8th January 2019    The following services will be ava...

Axe Valley Wildlife Park visit.

30 Nov 2018

Our PFA kindly funded a visit from Axe Valley Wildlife Park this week, as they came along to Coneys Class with an array of exotic animals. This hands on experience was a real thrill for the children a...

Children in Need - THANKYOU!

22 Nov 2018

A tremendous effort by children, parents and staff saw us raise an incredible £363.30, of which £150 was raised from the sale of Pudsey ears and wristbands, while the cakes and non-uniform...

Kenway Cup Football at Thorncombe School

19 Nov 2018

Well done to our year 5/6 football team who gave their all in the Kenway Cup qualifiers at Thorncombe this week. Despite the cold the team showed real endurance, as they took on neighbours Charmouth,...

Children in Need

16 Nov 2018

Children and staff at Marshwood CE Primary Academy got behind Children in Need in style on Friday, as they dressed up in some truly spotacular outfits. Leading the way was the school council who had b...

River Of Poppies Art Installation - Colmers Hill

09 Nov 2018

WE WILL REMEMBER THEM Pilsdon Pen have joined other local schools in helping to construct a temporary community built memorial on Colmers Hill in Symondsbury, Bridport for Armistice Day 2018. Th...

School Governor Required...Please Apply!

07 Nov 2018

Marshwood CofE Primary Academy seeks a Governor We are looking for a person with a strong commitment to education to join ourenthusiastic team of governors on the Local Governing Body of Marshwood CE...

Open Days

06 Nov 2018

We have two open days coming up this month on Friay 23rd and Saturday 24th November. We would love for you to come and visist our fantastic school, especialy if you have a child looking to start schoo...

Year 6 Elite Commando Survival Day

17 Oct 2018

This week St Mary’s Primary School, Thorncombe hosted over 80 children from across the Acorn MAT, as children from Loders, Marshwood, Mrs Ethelstone’s, Axminster, Membury and Chardstock jo...

Harvest Festival

16 Oct 2018

Our Harvest Festival was a huge success again this year, as St. Mary's Church was packed out for this years 'Local Harvest' themed service. All of the children played their part, with delicious hedger...

Nine Ashes Day 2

12 Oct 2018

Nine Ashes Day 1

11 Oct 2018

All is well (apart from a little less sleep than normal) in beautiful Cornwall, after a super start to this years OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities) residential. All of the children have thrown...

Nine Ashes Gallery

11 Oct 2018

Friendship, determination, support, character, resilience, endurance, memories, strength and bags of fun! Well done Pilsdon :)

Sidmouth Science Festival

05 Oct 2018

Sidmouth Science Festival starts this weekend and runs until the 14th of October. To find out more please click on the link.

October Half Term Football Holiday Camps

05 Oct 2018

DM Coaching are running an October Half Term Football Holiday Camp at Cloakham Lawn Sports & Social Club, Chard Road, Axminster, EX13 5HW. For full detials please click on the attched document bel...

Lyme Rotary Club Donate Dictionaries

01 Oct 2018

A big thank you to Lyme Rotarians who continue to lend their fantastic support to the school. Once again they came along to donate a set of beautifully illustrated dictionaries to our Year 6 chil...

Heart Smart Comes To Marshwood

25 Sep 2018

The children had a very special visitor today when Boris from Heart Smart cam and visited them in person. Boris was introduced by Pete who explained how Boris could teach us the imporantce of love and...

Amazing Owls

25 Sep 2018

Coneys Class got to meet some amazing owls this week when Mr. Ballam from Xtreme Falconry visited the class. During the visit the class got to handle lots of owl artefacts, such as pellets, feathers a...

Herman The Tortoise

21 Sep 2018

A big thank you to Mrs Ballam who came and visited Coneys Class with her pet tortoise Herman. The children got to examine Herman closely and see how he moved slowly along the floor. Mrs Ballam...

Reception Class 2018

09 Sep 2018

A warm welcome to our new Reception children who have been quickly getting up to speed with life at Marshwood. Everyone has been making them feel very welcome and helping them out with routines, as th...

Year 6 Camp

20 Jul 2018

Year 6 have been enjoying a super end of year camp at school. After some rounders on the field the children enjoyed a delicious BBQ back at camp. Once it was getting dark the children ventured out ove...

Lamberts Class OAA

18 Jul 2018

Well done to Lamberts who succesfully survived the end of year camp. All of the children succesfully completed the various challenges and an amazing time was had by all!

King Arthur's Knights and the Dragon

18 Jul 2018

Congratulations to Years 5 and 6 who put on an amazing end of year production. This years play told the tale of King Arthur's Knight and a rather scary dragon. The standard of singing and acting was s...


17 Jul 2018

After the rain Lamberts enjoyed a spot of orienteering. Four teams set off into the woods to locate 25 navigation points, with mixed results! There was some super team work on display, as the teams ra...

Lower KS2 Residential

16 Jul 2018

The children have settled in well at this years camp and already enjoyed a fun filled morning of woodland crafts and curling (without the ice). After lunch the class were all set to test out their cli...

Personal Water Survival

13 Jul 2018

Congratulations to our talented swimmers who completed their personal survival units 1 and 2 this week. As part of the programme the children in involved had to demonstarte the strength as swimmers, s...

Stone Age Arts & Crafts

13 Jul 2018

Years 3 and 4 showcased some of their fantastic Stone Age inspired Arts & Crafts during celebration worship on Friday. Using clay the children reaserched and made their very own Neolithic jeweller...

Royal Marines Mini Commando Day

11 Jul 2018

Year 6 children from Marshwood CE Primary Academy and Loders Primary joined peers from across the Acorn Multi Academy Trust  for a fun filled day with the Royal Marines. The event took place in t...

KS2 CPR Training

04 Jul 2018

A huge well done to all our children in KS2 who succesfully completed a mornings CPR training thanks to parent and paramedic Mrs Chapman. All the children were presented with certificates, after provi...

Olympic Sailing Centre Visit

03 Jul 2018

Pilsdon Class enjoyed a fantastic day out at the London 2012 Olympic Sailing Centre in Weymouth. All of the children got to experience the thrill of sailing thanks to the brilliant 'Sail For A Fiver"...


29 Jun 2018

Please come along and support our PFA on Sunday 8th July 2018, when they will be openning the school to serve delicious cream teas between 2:30 and 5:00pm. All money raised will be used to further enh...

LKS2 Codebreakers

26 Jun 2018

Some of our talented mathematicians in Years 3 & 4 took part in a codebreaking maths compeition with children from across the ACORN MAT. The event took place in Axminster and the children worked i...

Marshwood Cricketing Success

26 Jun 2018

Congratulations to our KS2 cricket team who were victorious in an end of season match against Axminster. Poor Axminster had no answer to Marshwood's straight line bowling and huge hitting. This deadly...

Call the Fire brigade!

22 Jun 2018

A big thank you to Charmouth fire station who came along and visited the school today. All of the children enjoyed a thorough tour of the station fire engine and the various equipment it has to carry....

Royal Institution Maths Masterclass

19 Jun 2018

Children from across the ACORN MAT came together today to enjoy a maths masterclass with Dr Jenny Sharp from Plymouth University. The session was part of the schools staff development p...

Stonehenge Visit

18 Jun 2018

Lamberts Class enjoyed a fantastic visit to Stonehenge this week, as they found out all about the importance of this world famous historical monument. They were amazed to see tourists from all over th...

Scotty Go Computer Programming

15 Jun 2018

Pilsdon Pen have enjoyed a couple of weeks of programming with ICT wiz Dan, as they developed their understanding of coding using teh Scotty Go software and resources. Across the sessions, children wo...

Story Boat

12 Jun 2018

The children arrived at school this week to discover a beautiful wooden boat had appeared in the school playground. Thankfully, the appearance was thanks to traditional boatbuilder Gail McGarva and no...

Stone Age Maths - Geometry

05 Jun 2018

Lamberts Class put their knowledge and understanding of geometry to good use, as they designed and made three different Stone Age shelters. In doing so they used a range of different shapes, as they c...

The Royal Wedding

18 May 2018

Marshwood School were keen to show their British Values and get behind the Royal wedding celebrations this week. In doing so the children decortaed the school with flags, bunting and various good will...

KS1 QuadKids Athletics

15 May 2018

Congratulations to our Athletes in KS1 who were victorious in the Acorn MAT QuadKids athletics competition at Chardstock this week. In glorious weather the team competed in a range of throwing, r...

Lascaux Cave Paintings

11 May 2018

Lamberts Class have enjoyed recreating the famous Lascaux cave paintings in topic this week. They produced images of Stone Age hunts, discussed the reasons behind the limted colour pallets used by our...

Science Food Chains

09 May 2018

Lamberts Class have been exploring food chains in a range of local and global habitats. After using various sources to locate the relevent information they produced these detailed pictoral food chains...

West Dorset Tri Golf Competition

26 Apr 2018

Children from Years three and four enjoyed a super afternoon of golf at the Sir. John Colfox Academy in Bridport today. Competing against 30 other teams from all over the region 'Marshwood 1' were the...

Coneys Tadpoles

24 Apr 2018

Our Reception children have been learning all about the lifecycle of tadpoles in Science, as they look after a tank of their very own tadpoles. So far the children have seen the tadpoles hatch out fro...

Ultimate Frisbee

19 Apr 2018

This half term the children will be learning to play Ulitimate Frisbee duirng our Wednesday after school club with Adam from Elite Coaching & Fitness. The club is proving extremely popular and it...

Found Words

17 Apr 2018

Inspired by the magical book The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, the children from Years 5 and 6 at Marshwood CE Primary Academy have written their own book of Found Words. Surro...

Easter Service

29 Mar 2018

St Mary's church was packed for this years Easter Service, as teh children acted our the various parts of the Easter story, sang beautiful, shared some musical prayer and also raised money for the Bay...

Egg Decorating Competition

29 Mar 2018

We were inundated with Egg-stravagent entries for this years egg decorating competition. The standard of the enteries this year was as Egg-ceptional as ever, with staff members, animals, local la...

Sport Relief Mile

22 Mar 2018

A huge thank you and well done to everyone who took part in this years Sport Relief Mile. There was a great turnout and all teh runners appreciated the support and refreshments from the PFA. Almost &p...

Author & Illustrator Louise Yates Visits Marshwood

21 Mar 2018

Celebrated author and illustrator Louise Yates ( kindly gave up her time to visit Marshwood school, where she shared with the children the story of how she became a publi...

Science Week Fun

21 Mar 2018

Children across the school engaged in a variety of Scientific activities, as Marshwood celebrated Science Week in style. In doing so, Coneys Class were joined by Mrs Ballam from The Woodroffe School....

Book Week At Marshwood

23 Feb 2018

The children enjoyed a fantastic 'Book-Week' as they immersed themselves in the fantastic world of reading. All week the children engaged in a variety of activities, and also enjoyed meeting local aut...

Football at Chardstock

21 Feb 2018

Congratulations to our KS2 footballers who enjoyed some healthy competition at Chardstock, where they faced the host team and neighbours Axminster Community Primary School. Great fun was hard by all,...

Awe and Wonder

10 Jan 2018

The children wished to share the beautiful scene which greeted them this morning. A blanket of mist was sat in the vale, as the winter sun was rising behind St Mary's Church. Absolutely stunning!

Community Speed Watch & Road Safety

10 Jan 2018

To kick off 2018 the children joined members of the local Community Speed Watch Campaign in monitoring the speed of traffic passing the school. All of the children were involved and they were disappoi...

Carols by Candleight in St Mary's Church

13 Dec 2017

A packed St Mary's Church were treated to delicious mince pies and mulled wine, before Marshwood Schools annual Carol Concert. As the children entered, the lights were dimmed and the church was illumi...

Nativity Play

13 Dec 2017

Children of Marshwood CE Primary academy enjoyed showcasing their singing, dancing and acting talents in front of a packed St Mary's Church this week. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 put on a stunning Na...

Acorn Mat Year 3 & 4 Handball Tournament

29 Jun 2017

We hosted the Acorn MAT Year three and four Handball tournament this week, and it was great to be joined by teams from Mrs Ethestone’s, St. Adndrew’s, Chardstock and Membury. A great morni...

A Strange Tree Has Appeared

27 Jun 2017

Coneys Class had quite a shock this week when a strange metallic tree appeared in the classroom! The 'messy area' has been taken over and the tree is slowly being populated by beautiful silver butterf...

Lamberts Residential

21 Jun 2017

Everyone having an amazing time in Huish Woods. Archery and Zip wire (Even Mrs Morgan and Mr. Owen had a go!) ticked off, now time for some caving!

Lamberts Residential - Caving & Climbing!

21 Jun 2017

This afternoon the children enjoyed themselves borrowing underground in the artificial caves. It was a little wet in the tunnels, but that did not deter our intrepid explorers, in fact it had the oppo...